Live 1:1 Lessons in Barton on Sea, New Milton

Nick Minnion has been teaching guitar full time since 1995 and during that time has helped many thousands of people of all ages make the journey from complete beginner to fully accomplished musician.

Nick’s approach is to work with each individual, get to know their musical preferences and personal learning strengths and design lessons around their needs, rather than impose any particular fixed syllabus on them.

So whether you simply want to learn to play guitar from scratch as a complete beginner or are already an experienced pro musician who simply wants a bit of guidance tackling a specific guitar-related problem or task – Nick will adapt his teaching to give you the best possible help.

Nick is equally at home teaching all popular styles of music including blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, country and folk. He will adapt your lessons to be fully applicable to whatever context you aspire to play in, whether it’s just strumming along to a few tunes for your own pleasure, or rocking out as lead guitarist in a live band.

If required, performance coaching and modern music production techniques can also be made part of the training as Nick has plenty of experience in these areas.

Available 7 days a week, at various times of day, lessons can normally be arranged to a schedule to fit around your particular needs. Whilst regular weekly or fortnightly students are given priority, there is normally plenty of time available to fit lessons in on an ad hoc basis if this suits you best.

Please follow this link for full details on fees and scheduling